Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DALI Logo to Stickers

Below is an example of a logo we recently designed that was a lot of fun to do! The client was DJ Dali, a NYC/NJ based electronic DJ, who was looking for a logo that could be used on flyers, stickers, t-shirts and the web. Since the logo was geared towards the electronic music scene, we went for something legible but unique and colorful:

Full color logo for print and web use.

We made sure the logo would look the same whether it was printed in single color or full color process. This is an important characteristic for a logo to have so that it will have a wider array for options when to printing things like silk screened shirts and vinyl decals. For a DJ, it is also important for a logo to function properly in single color so it can be applied to event flyers, music media and other promotional products.
Single Color Logo: black on white and reversed white on black.

When we were all done with the logo, we printed them on 5" x 2" Indoor Stickers!

Full color indoor stickers with logo.